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75 and the reliability of components of passivity, aggression, assertiveness, and acting, was 0.
We learn that inauguration or "institution" arises out of a passivity that is not merely an absence of activity.
Doubtlessly, the passivity of the leadership led to the poor results and therefore the least we can demand is their suspension," says Mar-tanesh Dauti, chairman of the BDI branch from Ladorista.
In short, human freedom and adequacy really mean a state of lesser constraint, passivity, and inadequacy.
Others might mark time, or fall back on total passivity.
determination of passivity range, trans passivity and pitting corrosion by setting out cyclic polarizing curves using potential and kinetic methods (cyclic voltmeter);
This massive TV screen, with its constant sound track, blights an area meant for rendezvous, debates or strolling through, turning it into an open-air domestic space encouraging passivity and blemishing the Town Hall's facade.
It was yet another example of how the power of money determines the course of our cultural evolution in the face of the passivity of the public.
Addressing how people actually fear peace in the modern world, due to inaccurate portrayals that equate peace with passivity and other factors, Living A Radical Peace calls the reader to follow the example of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, who took active peace into the streets daily.
Nevertheless, the past couple of decades have taught us that we cannot afford the luxury of passivity.
It's Bossism that generates arrogance among the bosses and learned passivity among the bossed, along with fatalism or corrosive resentment.