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In fact he would certainly have done so, had not Ruby unearthed some old pantomime paste jewels she had worn at a fancy dress party as the Queen of Diamonds.
The vamped dress of silver paper and paste, which had been too glaring in the footlights, looked more and more magical and silvery as it danced away under a brilliant moon.
He laughed at us, as he laughed at De Ville one day when he shoved De Ville's head into a bucket of paste because he wanted to fight.
After this experiment, I need not say that I wanted no sort of earthenware for my use; but I must needs say as to the shapes of them, they were very indifferent, as any one may suppose, when I had no way of making them but as the children make dirt pies, or as a woman would make pies that never learned to raise paste.
Arthur made no remark upon it, and repaired to his mother's room, where Mr Casby and Flora had been taking tea, anchovy paste, and hot buttered toast.
Mr Casby, too, was beaming near the hob, with his benevolent knobs shining as if the warm butter of the toast were exuding through the patriarchal skull, and with his face as ruddy as if the colouring matter of the anchovy paste were mantling in the patriarchal visage.
During product development, solder pastes are characterized against typical time, temperature and usage conditions to ensure product stability.
27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Heraeus Photovoltaics, the worldwide leading supplier of metallization pastes to the PV industry, has acquired three patent families from the Japanese company Murata Manufacturing.
com/research/lwcpc5/silver_inks_and) have announced the addition of the "Silver Inks and Pastes Markets: 2014-2021" report to their offering.
The EMS uses six (three each) solder pastes and wave fluxes within its manufacturing process and cleans all PCBs through an inline spray-in-air cleaner.
Using various modifiers, it is possible to achieve the desired characteristics of cement pastes (Ragaisyte et al.
A new standard, ASTM C1738, Practice for High-Shear Mixing of Hydraulic Cement Pastes, provides for preparing a mixture of cement paste that will simulate the shearing experienced by the cement paste in concrete, and was developed by Subcommittee C01.