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As the results of screening tests, 100 samples of pasteurized milk were examined, and 17 were positive for one of the two groups, [beta]-lactam or tetracyclic, indicating a contamination rate of 17% of the pasteurized milk samples.
Different brands of pasteurized milk, 500 ml in pouches or packets, were bought randomly from the retail chains (kiosks and supermarkets).
14) Today, millions (15) of consumers, propelled by a renewed interest in local food (16) and a growing discontent with both conventional medicine (17) and nutrition, (18) are seeking out raw milk for nutritional benefits that they believe are otherwise absent in pasteurized milk.
The reasons for purchasing milk from street vendors were mostly unawareness of the benefits of pasteurized milk, regular supply / easy availability of the milk from street vendors and Flexibility of making payment to the street vendors.
For example, a CDC analysis of all reported cases of listeriosis in 2009-2011 implicated cheese in 6 of 12 outbreaks affecting 38 states--but the culprit cheese was made from pasteurized milk in 5 of the 6 outbreaks.
The Results: The symptom reports were the same when the participants drank raw milk and pasteurized milk.
Two hundred and ten (210) milk samples were collected from January 2012 to June 2012, from different sources including the tetra-packs, pasteurized milk packets, direct milk at the time of milking from the herds and from the common milk shops of Waal city, Shahdara, Itefat town, Iqbal town, Jail road and Zainbia Multan road Lahore.
Volheim reports, "Spring 1985: "Salmonella-contaminated pasteurized milk from a suburban Chicago, Illinois dairy poisoned [at least] 16,284 people .
While some people think that raw milk has more health benefits than pasteurized milk, this study shows that raw milk has great risks, especially for children, who experience more severe illnesses if they get sick," said study co-author Barbara Mahon, MD, MPH, deputy chief of the Enteric Diseases Epidemiology Branch at CDC's Division of Foodborne, Waterborne and Environmental Diseases.
Anhaar is a 100 percent Pakistani product matching world class standards of fresh pasteurized milk.