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People are looking for something special that speaks to them and reflects their personality and style," says Christine Jaeger, Founder and CEO of Pastiche, "The word 'Pastiche' refers to a composition that pays tribute to a work of art.
Pastiche involved the work of fresh graduates and art practitioners of NCA, who have compiled together their inspiration, new ideas and vision of the post modern Pakistan.
Recent architectural history, far from extolling the virtues of reactionary pastiche, proves that innovative architecture enhances and enriches our lives.
He goes on to say: "The building should be of high quality, but appropriate to Lichfield and the early 21st century, not a pastiche of what has gone before, that would look wrong.
The pastiches of period erotica seem completely convincing to this reader (and rendered in high beaux arts style by Gebbie's nuts-butts-clits-and-tits drawings).
Pastiche menus offer "great value modern European cuisine including traditional English dishes".
Written in plain terms, with a smattering of Hollywood-style pastiche to jocularly introduce different topics, Jesus Goes To Hollywood is entertaining yet ultimately a serious- minded weighing of ideas, beliefs, and theological arguments.
Venice, conceived a century ago as a picturesque pastiche of La Serenissima, became a tough, blue collar neighbourhood, known more for oil, bikers, and the Beats, than for its few surviving canals.
But Friday's exceptional compilation of musical pastiche (BBC1) flexed my laughter lines once more.
This gentle TV pastiche of dodgy soaps with even dodgier sets was populated by the kind of staff only seen in Broadmoor's patient tuck shop.
Many critics praised Haynes's pastiche of 1950s' Hollywood cinema, extolling the beauty of its photography, the restraint of its cast's performances, and the economy of its dialogue.
LA Rugs brought the motif into its Cosmos collection, and Milliken was among the other companies showing new designs and colors for the theme within its Pastiche collection of area rugs.