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His upper, and part of his lower lip, were clean shaved; a small part of one cheek and his nose were to be seen; all the rest of his face was covered with hair, or hid under the patch.
We had hit upon a patch of wild melons, thousands of them, and dead ripe.
Then the tattered stranger stepped forth, and all the people laughed as they saw a yellow patch that showed beneath his arm when he raised his elbow to shoot, and also to see him aim with but one eye.
An old man, with his face turned to the sea, was making a weary attempt at digging upon a small potato patch.
If he owned the place, he'd clear a patch of land on the side-hill above the vineyard and plant a small home orchard.
As he prepared to make the first stroke of the razor, most of his face white with lather, he noticed a dark patch of skin on his forehead just between the eye-brows and above.
A moment later--it may have been an hour--the moon sailed into a patch of unclouded sky and the hunted man saw that visible embodiment of Law lift an arm and point significantly toward and beyond him.
I see that he has a patch over his eye, even as he had at Poictiers.
Old rags had to last, and they sewed patch upon patch, turning out what are called "homeward-bound patches " of the most amazing proportions.
His place of abode was in Staffordshire, on a morsel of freehold land of his own--appropriately called Salt Patch.
He watched a patch of moonlight cross the floor of their lodging, and, as sometimes happens when the mind is overtaxed, he fell asleep for the rest of the room, but kept awake for the patch of moonlight.
If we are so to regard it, we must distinguish the seeing from what is seen: we must say that, when we see a patch of colour of a certain shape, the patch of colour is one thing and our seeing of it is another.