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No longer do our teachers need to patch together 21st-century online technology solutions--they are able to incorporate RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, podcasting, real-time polling and other multimedia components into their teaching, with one place to organize it," says Kathleen Alessandro, technology committee member for the Southgate Community Schools, Mich.
They cut the organism's six chromosomes into fragments, sequenced just the fragment ends, and then used a computer program to virtually patch together these bits.
The ICC will monitor events closely while Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) attempts to patch together plans for its next top-level international engagement.
Women in jobs not covered by the FMLA often must patch together various forms of leave, including paid, unpaid, and disability, to spend time with their new borns after childbirth.
Without Jason Allison, Ziggy Palffy, Adam Deadmarsh, Martin Straka and Dustin Brown, the Kings have struggled to patch together four consistent lines.
At the same time, they have used cloned genomic DNA to painstakingly patch together an improved fine-structure physical map of the region.