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Species breeding in wet habitats, patchiness of the breeding range and breeding on the southern, southwestern and western peripheries of the entire species range are directly interconnected and, when combined with climate warming throughout the 21st century, may cause the greatest risk of extinction for Lithuanian breeding populations.
To return finally to the question of the date of the hoard, and its wider context: despite the fragility of chronologies and the patchiness of comparabilia, current opinion is that the hoard was probably buried around the end of the seventh century.
The mask-like features and color patchiness, the lack of facial expression betray the nature of the child's illness.
Despite widespread rains, there is a patchiness in the distribution.
These variations are most probably of little value, since the distribution of planktonic forams often demonstrates patchiness (Boltovskoy 1971).
Also, benthic macroalgal communities most often exhibit spatial patchiness in species composition (Chapman & Underwood 1998), making them difficult to characterize at a microhabitat scale.
It looks like the patchiness [of the atmosphere] is the effect of a very rapidly changing solar wind source," says Menelaos Sarantos, a NASA research scientist with the Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center in Greenbelt, Md.
In the absence of sun, our customers want instant results without the risk of patchiness and stained hands.
Patchiness, density, and aggregative behavior in sympatric allochronic populations of 17-year cicadas.
What is less fathomable is the continuing patchiness of the response from the authorities and the general lack of coordination.
Instead, it suggests that higher environmental patchiness at a spatial scale favours uniform patterns of macroalgae at the same scale.