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By changing the carbon raiser and patching the lining, the foundry was able to boost melt efficiency to beyond what was experienced in the past, reducing man-hours spent in changing the lining and increasing tons melted per lining campaign.
Following a review of five solutions over a six month period, Booz Allen Hamilton selected PatchLink Update to replace the organization's manual patching process and provide a centralized, automated patch management system for its mobile infrastructure.
7 redefine the paradigm for instant patching without touching or rebooting servers with: automated discovery and identification via scheduled network scanning and/or continuous passive network monitoring; automated inline patch downloads; instant inline patch protection, automatically applied to pre-existing as well as newly discovered servers; and new management capabilities for finding, tracking and sorting servers within the infrastructure, making it easy to patch an individual server or an entire datacenter with a single click of the mouse.
HDTV and digital audio provide the ultimate entertainment experience, and many of the world's leading broadcasters turn to ADC for high-performance copper and fiber products that ensure reliable HD backbone and patching, in areas that include: analog and digital audio patching, analog and high-definition video patching, high-performance connectivity (BNC's, F's, RCA's), high-definition triax camera connectors, copper and fiber main distribution systems, IPTV products and IP Infrastructure products, and RF signal distribution products for satellite uplinks/downlinks and CATV headends.
eEye conducted a survey of IT professionals -- far beyond eEye customers -- to get a sense of their reactions to the advent of third-party patching.
This trend truly resonates with PatchLink customers as the majority have expressed that an automated, manageable patching process and customizable prioritization is key to protecting their networks against zero-day threats.
BOSTON -- Softricity to Help Simplify FDA Validation Process, Accelerate Application Deployment and Patching, Integrate Virtualization with Microsoft SMS
The appliance replicates the characteristics of the patch, in-line, as part of the client/server transaction, patching the server without requiring deployment of the patch or an agent on the servers.