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For more information on patching and repairing BDUs, see Chapter 15 of TM 10-8400-201-23, General Repair Procedures for Clothing.
Based on proven experience in induction melt shops, this article covers iron melting issues commonly associated with the refractory life of a coreless induction furnace and the patching programs that have been implemented to increase productivity.
Each month, the organization's IT operations department faced a slow and cumbersome patching process that often left workstations and the IT network vulnerable.
Through this unique approach, it is the only solution for continuous protection from the latest worms, malicious code, and directed attacks, eliminating the need for reactive security patching.
Blue Lane offers a compelling solution for organizations that need to achieve PCI compliance, but whose systems do not allow them to implement a legacy-style patching process," commented Seth Peter, Chief Technology Officer at NetSPI.
On Saturday, Microsoft released a separate hotfix related to the MS06-040 patch that needs to be installed on Windows 2003 SP1 systems, creating another patching event for IT security departments.
1 customers an easy solution to patch products no longer supported by Microsoft's WSUS and SMS patching products along with support for all new Microsoft products, and patching for products beyond those from Microsoft.
Blue Lane Technologies, provider of the industry's first inline patch proxy for enterprise servers, today announced a new "smarter and easier" version of its groundbreaking PatchPoint(R) System featuring enhanced analytics and optimization capabilities to give enterprises unprecedented, powerful tools for the inline patching and managing of enterprise application and operating system vulnerability patches.
com), the market leader for audio, video, and data patching products for the Broadcast and Entertainment industry, today announced that the company will exhibit its industry-leading solutions at the NAB2006 conference and exhibition in Las Vegas, NV.
eEye has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from companies who have downloaded the patch, thanking eEye for creating a mitigation patch ahead of Microsoft's code patch, released today as part of Microsoft's regular monthly patching cycle.