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My paten and my chalice are the depths of a soul laid widely open to all the forces which in a moment will rise up from every corner of the earth and converge upon the Spirit.
The magnificent chalice and paten discovered at Cymer Abbey Picture: THE ROYAL COLLECTION, copyright 2007, HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II
Three women perform an adoration dance with flowers, an oil lamp and incense while three men prostrate themselves before the raised chalice and paten.
When I take the Sacrament to her, I arrive with my little black case containing a cross, candlesticks, paten and chalice.
Miller was not well enough to travel to Waterloo to witness the historic signing of the Waterloo Declaration, he was presented with one of the chalice and paten sets given out to mark the occasion.
Contractor address : Mail Stop 17, Commissioner of Paten
The chalice and paten were taken up to the altar by Mr John and Mrs Gail Marshall.
Meiriona Jones is campaigning for a 13th century chalice and paten, discovered at Abbey Cymer, near Dolgellau, to "come home" and be put on public show.
Now the Trust, along with Briton Carol Paten, is appealing to any ECHO readers who may know of existing portraits or photos of Jonathan to contact them.
In more modern times an altar server held a paten under the chin of the recipients.
Up front teenager Kenny Miller looked lively and 19-year-old Eric Paten caused problems in midfield.
Each of them was given a Bible, a chalice and a paten as a sign of their ministry of word and sacrament.