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Spartina patens cover differed among Saltmarsh Sparrow home ranges and random locations ([F.
Fuirena simplex (umbrella grass) and Spartina patens (marshhay cordgrass) each were dominant in two wetlands and Andropogon glomeratus (bushy bluestem) was dominant in one (Table 5).
Of the surviving Reformation plate are Bishop Fox's gold and enamel chalice and paten, 1507, and his magnificent silver, gilt and enamel crosier, c1500, with the finely modelled figures of the 12 apostles and the figure of St Peter in the crook.
The moss, called Physcomitrella patens, has a structure similar to that of plants at the time they moved onshore through evolution, according to the researchers from six countries, including Mitsuyasu Hasebe of the National Institute for Basic Biology in Aichi Prefecture.
So when a Florida native Hamelia patens (firebush) they planted on their property began to reach past its supposed maximum height of 10 feet, the Witheringtons quickly submitted their tree to the Florida Division of Forestry for verification.
The watercourses are wider, no longer so meandering, and the surrounding stands of Spartina patens and Spartina alterniflora are frayed.
Both are only 60cm (2ft) tall, and Agapanthus campanulatus patens, at 45cm (18in).
In August, the DOE's Joint Genome Institute named one of the latter species, Physcomitrella patens, to be among the first nonflowering plants targeted for sequencing.
Inside the safe were silver chalices, flagons and patens.

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