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PATENTEE. He to whom a patent has been granted. The term is usually applied to one who has obtained letters-patent for a new invention.
     2. His rights are, 1. To make, sell and enjoy the profits, during the existence, of his rights, of the invention or discovery patented. 2. To recover damages for a violation of such rights. 3. To have an injunction to prevent any infringement of such rights.
     3. His duties are to supply the public, upon reasonable terms, with the thing patented.

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86) The consolidation of patent appeals to the Federal Circuit eventually resolved the split in favor of patentees.
value rule, as espoused in Lucent, patentees are unable to present any
108) To prevent this, the Court held, patentees should
The proposal does not alter the patentability of gene sequences; it merely restricts patentees from using infringement threats to stop research.
This extension was to compensate pharmaceutical patentees for the reduction in time they had to exploit their patents as a result of the completion of the complex clinical trials required before the patented pharmaceutical could be placed on the European market.
Whatever the approach, the problem is clear: patentees are
Collateral estoppel makes invalidity judgments particularly bad for patentees on enforcement campaigns because the same validity question is likely to be raised in each patent lawsuit.
period of exclusivity bestows upon patentees an exclusive control over
to the fact that patent claims are drafted by patentees, the problem is
Patentees must be resilient; it is not unusual to experience 20 'no's before a company decides to offer a meeting.
prevent patentees from garnering more than that to which the substantive