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A stern, highly moral, paterfamilias, three daughters ' who never married and remained close to home, and a son who followed his father into the church
Like Arendt's modern paterfamilias, they are willing to participate in any "degradation" and "prepared to do literally anything" on the "condition that they should be fully exempted from responsibility" for their acts ("Organized" 152).
Amid the cosmic miasma of afterlife angels and merciful dinosaurs, Malick's cinema remains capable of hardtack poetry; in The Tree of Life's acute portrait of the relationship between Brad Pitt's aesthete-bully paterfamilias and his three sons, the haunting scene of boys cavorting in a toxic fog of DDT reminds us that Malick was once considered the bard of prelapsarian America.
In other words, the man as the paterfamilias, the decision maker, head of the household and the primary provider.
the paterfamilias, who could not distribute except his peculiar
As a Victorian paterfamilias might have ordered a Ward case for the household ferns or a bench for the family garden, in his role as churchwarden he might have leafed through Cox & Son's 1860s selection for choice.
This is not the case in Clizia, where Sofronia declares herself willing to relinquish her "authority" whenever her husband is ready to resume his old role as paterfamilias or, in her own words, decides to return "al segno.
Unlike Reygadas' early works, which showed mastery of craft and story, his new movie is a self-gazing film essay about a man, like Reygadas, Carlos, who is paterfamilias to a family very similar (if not identical) to Carlos' own: a beautiful, raven haired, silent wife, two adorable toddlers and a crew of Mexican workers who cater to this upper-class unit.
The delicate poetry for the grandchildren contains recurring images of the paterfamilias carrying aloft new babes, particularly grandsons, introducing them to iconic places in his territory and offering them up to the gods of nature.
A few years ago, I had an outstanding golden male of my own breeding, Rum-runner's Brandy, which had moderate field trial success--all this paterfamilias could afford.
At last the mother was reunited with her daughters in wait of the release of the paterfamilias, Ibrahim, convicted to six consecutive life sentences.
An Embassy officer listened to several senior government officials, including the Minister of Justice, debate that from among their parent's generation who deserved the prize as the most productive paterfamilias.