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But the girl's stare was sombre, her thin white face seemed pathetically careworn.
There's something pathetically childish in the ruins of grass walls.
He shook hands with her and wished her good-morning: then, looking lovingly in her face, and still retaining her hand in his, murmured pathetically, 'The last - last day
Agreeable to these observations was, I remember, the complaint of the great Doctor Misaubin, who used very pathetically to lament the late applications which were made to his skill, saying, "Bygar, me believe my pation take me for de undertaker, for dey never send for me till de physicion have kill dem.
But her eyes asked a question so eloquently, so frankly and pathetically that he answered it with words.
It is too much- -my heart is too full"; and she sank down in a chair so pathetically, that most of the audience present were perfectly melted with her sadness.
Fairlie and the two young Misses, pathetically returning thanks himself, immediately afterwards, for the whole party.
Under the enormous eyebrows his weak eyes blinked pathetically through the glasses.
From time to time there were public complaints, pathetically going about, of labour being scarce--which certain people seemed to take extraordinarily ill, as though they had an absolute right to it on their own terms--but Bleeding Heart Yard, though as willing a Yard as any in Britain, was never the better for the demand.
Don't sauce ME, in the wicious pride of your youth,' Mr Venus retorts pathetically.
He's got a wonderful memory, Pullet has," she continued, looking pathetically at her sister.
Pullet, holding her head on one side, and fixing her eyes pathetically on her sister, "if your husband makes away with his money.