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The paintings of pathological anatomy by Sir Robert Carswell (1793-1857).
He advocated for the study of microscopic pathological anatomy, for research to be performed by physicians, the importance of making systematic clinical observations, and the performance of animal experimentations.
In three brief chapters the pathologist Giorgio Weber considers the evidence for observations of pathological anatomy recorded in the works of, respectively, Andreas Vesalius, Niccolo Massa, and Realdo Colombo.
The pathological anatomy of these conditions dictates that delay in treatment affects outcome adversely.
The end of the case is usually the death of the patient and the pathological anatomy of the process (i.
He prefers more trustworthy alternatives such as training in pathological anatomy, (6) learning from experienced surgeons, three-dimensional computer imaging and teaching by means of computer assisted audio-visual methods which "put us in direct contact, so to speak, with the operating theatres of the greatest surgeons as they are in the very act of operating directly on humans.
Baron Guillaume Dupuytren founded the Chair of Pathological Anatomy at the University of Paris.
Observations on the pathological anatomy of the sudden infant death syndrome.
His professional life was devoted to practicing medicine and studying normal and pathological anatomy by the postmortem dissection of patients whose disease he had often followed during their lives.
Doctors also conducted a pathological anatomy with the family's consent.

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