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In July of 2004, in-depth interviews and observations were performed at various health care facilities through-out the island of Taiwan to gain insight on why Taiwanese physicians carry significantly higher patient loads compared to their American counterparts.
Patient loads have been steadily increasing since January, when McKenzie-Willamette was admitted into Regence BlueCross/Blue- Shield's Preferred Provider Plan as part of a court settlement.
This unusually high patient load prompted the clinic commander to notify headquarters, and a team from the Epidemiology Section of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Medical Corps arrived at the scene by the next morning (outbreak day 3) and initiated an epidemiologic investigation.
has experienced improved physician and patient satisfaction, an increased patient load and an elevated level of process efficiency.
Baigre, who moved from Toronto to Sudbury in 1994, and set up practice on Larch Street downtown, began cultivating at least half of his growing patient load from out-of-town referrals from across northeastern Ontario.
But their burden increased dramatically as large urban teaching hospitals realized they could double and triple their patient load, and the money that came with it, by handing off the extra work to their ill-paid residents.
They can't retire gracefully, cutting back their patient load, because the fixed costs of running an office are so high - computers, regulatory compliance, malpractice insurance, and so forth.
Cowra midwives are also required to work on the general ward when the patient load is too much for the one RN on duty.
Trautner said that in anticipation of a higher patient load, CHS is considering adding nursing staff for the emergency room.
Thanks to the swelling patient load, the hospital is bursting at the seams, struggling to survive.
It has more than 1000 beds and its out patient load averages at about 5000 patients per day.
Community health centers in Massachusetts saw a significant increase in their patient load from 2005 to 2007, as the state implemented its health reform law, according to a study from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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