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Table 98: Asia-Pacific Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for Specialty Medical Chairs by Product Category/ Segment - Examination and Treatment Chairs (Dental Chairs, ENT Chairs, Birthing Chairs, Blood Drawing Chairs, Cardiac Chairs, Dialysis Chairs, Ophthalmic Chairs, Surgery Chairs and Mammography Chairs) and Rehabilitation Chairs (Toilet Chairs, Bariatric Chairs, Geriatric Chairs, Pediatric Chairs, Podiatry Chairs, Transformable Chairs and Patient Transfer Chairs) Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2000 through 2010 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-56
ForeFront Transfer is designed to streamline interfacility patient transfers and facilitate critical transfer information for physicians and hospital administrative personnel.
The need for inter-hospital patient transfers from rural hospitals to larger, more urban hospitals is predictable considering the limited resources at rural hospitals.
Healthcare specialist Westhouse Medical Services announces that AST Ambulance Service, part of its medical services division, will appear in a six-part Channel 5 documentary examining the growth in morbid obestity in the UK and the challenges of bariatric patient transfer.
The arms of the Patient Transfer Assist are equipped with precise control functions to provide gentle transport similar to being carried by a person.
com)-- After more than a year of training, planning and preparation, the staff of Saint Joseph - London is preparing for the patient transfer to the brand new hospital.
The King Air 200 will be used as a patient transfer and organ retrieval service, helping to reduce NHS transplant costs by a minimum of 22%.
Appendices include common medical abbreviations, Iraqi and Afghan translations, patient transfer checklists and a Zulu time chart.
C[yen] The Learjet 60 brings the number of aircraft used for patient transfer to nine, in four different aircraft types.
The transportability of the Carina makes patient transfer seamless and expedient especially when a patient requires nor-invasive support" said Ed Coombs, MA RRT, Director, Critical Care and Ventilation for Draeger Medical, Inc.
Also there are no patient transfer agreements whereby Antelope Valley Hospital would pay the accepting hospital and doctor for the patient's care.
An error left the former groundsman on the patient transfer list.

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