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The importance of this is not restricted to patrilineal descent, because, ultimately, all relationships between people, and between people and their nonhuman totemic correlates, are grounded in country.
Manrique muestra como la fuerte ideologia androcentrica se superpone a una organizacion bilateral del parentesco, lo cual habria transfigurado a los ojos de varios investigadores un sistema de filiacion cognatico a un sistema patrilineal (2008: 24).
Patriliny or patrilineal logic is evident in a wide variety of social relations, including sex and marriage, honor killing, female genital mutilation, borders and descent, conferring citizenship of the state or proclaiming an ethnic identity, selective use of Kurdish history, even refuge seeking.
Confusion about the baby's identity offers a muted parallel to the confusion about Joe's possible drop of black blood, but also offers the possibility that racial and patrilineal ambiguity need not constitute a "burden" of difference and alienation.
Schwarz's own writing is enviably aphoristic (see, for example, "Misogyny dismisses constant women as figments of a hopeful imagination, but patrilineal succession relies on their substantial presence" [110]).
The desire to preserve patrilineal inheritance for the eldest son meant that girls within families were often the victims of dowry inflation and sent to convents or various charitable institutions, as a means of preserving their honour and reputation.
Consistent with patrilineal inheritance, the sacred texts set forth harsh penalties for adultery and other behaviors that lower the husband's probability of paternity.
Apparently, in my family at least, dedication to a seemingly futile team is one of the riches of patrilineal descent.
Drawing from the breadth of traditional and modern Jewish texts, law, and ideology, this two-volume set addresses over seventy contemporary topics, including conversion of adopted children, fertility treatments, patrilineal descent, issues of synagogue management, social justice activism, interfaith marriage, and rituals of death and mourning.
Reid, for his part, shows how important the family name has been in the development of patrilineal and patrilocal family structures seeking to consolidate wealth and power.
Because the community intermarried and based Jewishness on patrilineal heritage rather than matrilineal, the norm in Judaism, Kaifeng Jews who want to move to Israel need to undergo Orthodox conversions under Israeli law.
The lineage of the British and Bulgarian royal families is traced back to Francis, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1750-1806), the patrilineal ancestor of Elizabeth II of Britain, Albert II of Belgium, and Simeon II of Bulgaria, and his wife Auguste.