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Emblema sagitado: os jesuitas e o patrocinium de Sao Sebastiao no Rio de Janeiro, secs.
Croix, "by the later fourth century the term patrocinium [patronage] has begun to be applied to the activity of the apostles and martyrs on behalf of the faithful.
Felix hercules et ter beatus, qui vitae scilicet praecedentis innocentia fideque meruerit tam praeclarum de caelo patrocinium, ut renatus quodam statim sacrorum obsequio desponderetur.
Indeed, the Patrocinium musices, prima pars of 1573 (vol.
Evangelista Nicodemum nobis describit quasi hominem medium, qui neque serio piae doctrinae patrocinium suscipere audeat, nec tamen sustineat veritatem opprimi" (Calvin, CO 47:186), and "Non volebat hic Christo palam adhaerere, apud hostes eius sedebat, neque patrocinari ipsi aperte audebat, attamen in totum eum deserere non potuit" (Bucer, Enarratio, 306).
Where possible the entry for each diocese is subdivided into Patrocinium (patron saint), Historia (ascertainable development), Fines (boundaries so far as they can be determined), Tabulae (maps and lists), Fontes (original sources), Litterae (secondary works) and finally Series Episcoporum (dates and short biographies of all known bishops).
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To see the output of the later decades as being merely "interesting," however, is to deny the importance of landmarks from after 1550, like Willaert's Musica nova, or the great folio choirbooks of Palestrina and Lassus (the sumptuous Patrocinium musices comes to mind), the first operas, and the madrigals of Monteverdi.