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The periodical visits of the trooper to these rooms, however, in the course of his patrolling is an assurance of protection and company both to mistress and maid, which renders them very acceptable in the small hours of the night.
When he broached the subject of immediate departure Gust again raised his former objection--that the warship might very probably be patrolling the sea directly in their southern path, waiting for them to make the attempt to reach other waters.
The soldiers kept stirring all day in the bottom of the valley, now changing guard, now in patrolling parties hunting among the rocks.
But what definitely convinced her that it was time to get up was the plaintive note of James, the cat, patrolling the roof of the porch.
RAWALPINDI, October 28, 2010 (Frontier Star): 4 criminals has been arrested along with weapons and drug by patrolling police in separate operation, under the special instructions of SP patrolling Shahidia Kasur here on Thursday.
This increase in dismounted patrolling is part of a new effort to improve the security situation and counter the insurgency, but dismounted patrolling is not new to the Infantry.
But the board also asked officials from Metrolink and the county to look into getting more cooperation from other counties in patrolling the system.
Border Patrol agents have of late found themselves being prevented from patrolling beyond 50 yards of the border.
These groups of white ranchers and other sympathetic nativists believe that the federal government is coming up short in its efforts to crack down on undocumented migrants, and they are determined to take on the responsibility of patrolling the borders themselves.