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accountable, the seniors believe that the older systems where secrecy and patronisation were the norms, would still work fine for the Grand Old Party which is facing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) nationally and other regional outfits.
He said the people of Balochistan also want due respect and importance for their tribal elders and patronisation of the youth by the governments and all other concerned official quarters.
Differences in former allies developed shortly before the May 11 national elections on the issues of local government laws and PPP patronisation of proscribed Peoples Peace Committee in restive Lyari town, that is a PPP domain in this largest city of Pakistan which otherwise is represented by MQM.
It is darkly funny, disturbing and poignant, but O'Donnell does not indulge in patronisation.
She stressed that there was a need for more governmental patronisation of literary activities.
So when you hear about a new recruit, there can sometimes be the faint scent of patronisation in the air.
She said: "His disability awareness skills are outstanding, since he is able to cater for our needs without a hint of patronisation, and his staff treat all the customers with courtesy and consideration.
Not only is it universally acknowledged that the Midlands is the national transport bottleneck but also this is further indication of prejudice and patronisation of the region by central Government.
Between now and June 7 we will be subjected to bribes, sweet-talk, patronisation, endless promises of how our lot in life will be effortlessly improved (without, of course, having to pay extra tax) etc, etc.
He also indicated the provincial government patronisation to the committee
The Government under the patronisation of President Asif Ali Zardari and supervision of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has mobilised all its resources, she said.
It will help with any information on any sexual matters and its repercussions and risks, without judgement or patronisation.