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And it is like a woman stooping down and creeping about behind that pattern.
Chaplets too, resembling in their arrangement the strawberry coronal worn by an English peeress, and composed of intertwined leaves and blossoms, often crowned their temples; and bracelets and anklets of the same tasteful pattern were frequently to be seen.
as per contract) to make room for more marketable material, he had abandoned his real calling, and taken a sub-editorial job on a women's weekly, where fashion- plates and paper patterns alternated with New England love-stories and advertisements of temperance drinks.
said D'Artagnan, "this ought to be the knotty point of the whole thing; they want a pattern of each of the materials.
Rachel has given you one of her beloved knitted quilts of the `tobacco stripe' pattern, and she says when I am married she'll give me one, too.
He was a man who rather prided himself upon neglecting his appearance, and, so far as the cut and pattern of his clothes went, he usually suggested the artisan out for a holiday.
That tasty little pattern there catches your eye, don't it now, eh?
I want that pattern to cut out your new apron this evening.
Red mittens with a black diamond pattern on the back are much run after.
What can be more curious than that the hand of a man, formed for grasping, that of a mole for digging, the leg of the horse, the paddle of the porpoise, and the wing of the bat, should all be constructed on the same pattern, and should include the same bones, in the same relative positions?
This pattern, and the colors, yes, I will tell the Emperor without delay, how very beautiful I think them.
I was to take charge of a pattern for a dress, which she said you would give me.