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In another study Dor patch was done only to buttress an esophageal repair or to manage a patulous hiatus or hiatal hernia16.
4,5) Although the term dural ectasia is preferred to describe the optic nerve sheath dilation, optic hydrops, primary cyst of the optic nerve sheath, patulous subarachnoid space, cystic hygroma, arachnoid cyst, and perioptic subdural hygroma terms were all used to describe this entity since its first description in 1918.
An esophagogram showed a normal mucosal profile, marked esophageal dilation (2 to 3 times normal size), a type I hiatal hernia (figure 1, A), poor motility, and spontaneous reflux and pooling of gastric contents into the patulous esophagus when the patient was lying prone (figure 1, B).
then the blogosphere's capacity to increase as a multi-layered, patulous realm is, realistically, infinite.
Common causes of incomplete procedures are the presence of a stenotic cervix or severe cervical angulation preventing insertion of the transcervical catheter, cervical incompetence or a very patulous cervix causing backflow of the saline solution into the vagina, large intrauterine fibroids and adhesions impeding distension of the uterine cavity, pelvic pain and vagal symptoms (9,13,15).
The "empty sella" appearance is due to the patulous diaphragma sella and extension of the suprasellar subarachnoid space.