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Responding to questions of Seema Mohiyuddin Gilani, Iqbal Muhammad Ali, and others during the question hour on Wednesday, the chairperson BISP, (Benazir Income Support Program) Farzana Raja also replied that aid payments to 3 million needy and poor had also been stopped due to this paucity of funds.
City Administrator Fazlur Rehman recently vowed that the CDGK would not close down any development projects in the city because of paucity of funds.
The report said orphan drug dossiers were often flawed in design and documentation and also blamed "the paucity of European incentives" for manufacturers.
But with its still torpid Nicolas Nabokov music, its murky story line, and paucity of choreographic invention, it remains, despite the occasional glint of genius, a work brought back more dead than alive.
Given the paucity of research on all aspects of inhalant abuse, this announcement is designed to encourage broad-based research that has the potential for informing prevention and treatment interventions for inhalant abuse, particularly for children and adolescents.
It was a classic response that painfully contrasted with the relative paucity of adequate and sustained efforts to help people who live in extreme poverty in other countries.
The Premiership reflects the paucity of talent which exists outside the top three teams and unfortunately success appears to reflect upon the wealth of a club.
An essential part of this project has been an effort to reconstruct the evolution of attitudes towards and the experiences of the poorest Americans, no easy task given the paucity of written records documenting their personal lives.
Agin cited the paucity of land for new office development, the unwillingness of lenders to finance a "spec" building--one for which no leases have been signed, and the region's limited accessibility as factors that limit new office construction in the region.
Unfortunately, since there is an excess of trial lawyers in our legislative bodies, and a paucity of anyone with any medical knowledge in our legislative bodies, the medical malpractice disaster will continue, and worsen over time.
He expressed disappointment once again with the paucity of media coverage, but was hopeful that increased participation by groups including Catholic schools and the Knights of Columbus will help swell the numbers when the next March for Life takes place in Ottawa in May 2005.
Given the paucity of information about the circumstances under which Josquin's music was created, the challenge for Josquin studies is to get past the legend and to gain a better understanding of Josquin's place in his own world, in part by learning more about the work of his contemporaries.