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Ultrasonographic endometrial thickness for diagnos- ing endometrial pathology in women with postmeno- pausal bleeding: a meta analysis.
for purposes of antiphonal chant) the pausal forms mark the logical point of division.
On the other hand, it is expected, on the basis of the high correlation between speech rate and pausal phenomena reported in the literature (OLIVEIRA JUNIOR, 2002b), that the difference in speech rate between two adjacent intonation units will be higher when it coincides with a narrative boundary.
Todas ellas, separadas por blancos interestroficos e identificadas al inicio por un signo pausal (la raya), con el fin de mostrar los valores iconicos del dialogo estiquico.
But the realization of pausal imala represents a type of counter example to this "minority rule.
Post-meno- Women of higher income replacement pausal symptoms groups generally accepted therapy (like hot flushes this, whereas middle and and loss of sex- lower income groups drive) are a Western declined because of the phenomenon".
Finally, a chi-square analysis of pausal protocols of 9 students who participated in a follow-up study showed that frequencies of various reading strategies used by the participants were not significantly different across the modes of presentation.
12) In pausal position it changes to -a after an a.
Women with Complex ovarian mass; Symptomatic cysts and; Postmeno pausal women with ovarian cysts (greater than)5cm were included in the study while patients with adnexal mass other than ovarian mass; pregnant women with ovarian mass; known case of prior malignancy; ovarian ectopic and recurrent ovarian cancer were excluded.
Other risk factors for tendon injury include age and sex (men have a higher relative risk than women; older people, in their fourth and fifth decades of life, also face an increased risk), postmeno pausal status, obesity, use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics or corticosteroids, and playing on nonpadded surfaces.
The endometrium varies in thickness with the menstrual cycle and meno pausal status.