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Ethan paused also, affecting to fumble for the peg on which he hung his coat and cap.
Lovell paused, and took a drink from a glass by his side.
Lovell paused for a moment or two to relight his pipe.
To scale any return on investment (ROI) for practicing pauses, the calculated Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient (Pearson's r) was calculated between CPUE of scallop catch and CPUE of flatfish catch for only the control tows, and then again for only paused (all pause durations combined) tows.
The study found no differences in pause frequency between the two groups, but the high school group paused averagely longer than the college group.
And if they had paused to think about it first, they probably would have acted differently.
THE moment when a knickerless Sharon Stone crosses her legs in Basic Instinct is the most paused moment in film history, a poll has revealed.
Once the call has ended, the phone starts to play the recorded programme from the time it was paused, while continuing to record the remainder of the programme.