pave the way

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Pave Ahead highlights concrete's advantages as a roadway and paving construction material.
Important to PVA members, PAVE also specializes in placing veterans with disabilities who may present with significant challenges to employment because of their injuries or environments.
Denver has budgeted $24 million for the street paving program in 2017 and aims to pave 430 lane miles this year.
The 2015 launch of the Wounded Veteran and Caregiver Employment Conference, which Operation PAVE hosted in partnership with the Commerce Department's Hiring Our Heroes Foundation, played a role in helping the program reach more clients, Stewart says.
As more processors pave their facilities, the trend is to purchase wheeled material handlers in hopes of minimizing damage to the improved operating surfaces.
Stewart had been the acting director for PAVE and helped the program earn the Call of Duty Endowment 2015 Seal of Distinction.
PAVE has continued to help to build the collaborative national movement to combat campus sexual assault and has a strong focus on prevention through bystander intervention training.
My concern is that they were told not to pave over these covers and they did anyway," Commissioner James McIntire said that night.
Two different contractors are currently preparing to each pave an eight-mile stretch of U.
Some of the residents want the county to pave Sloan and install a bridge over Hasley Creek.
Though Oxnard was the first city in Ventura County to use the method, only Caltrans uses more of the melted rubber - mixed with sand, rock and other components - to pave streets in Southern California, Bravo said.