pave the way

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A better understanding of interactions between condensate atoms and molecules may pave the way to bigger molecular populations in condensates, says Texas team member Roahn Wynar.
But his hints helped pave the way for today's openness
His study of the compound, which relaxes blood vessels, helped pave the way for the anti-impotence drug, Viagra.
As scientists unravel the chemistry and physics of cements and pave the way for inventing new materials, they must find ways to inject their new ideas into the conventional concrete industry.
This information will help pave the way to personalized medicine by correlating genetic variation and gene function with particular disease states, enhancing drug discovery, allowing diseases to be detected earlier and more specifically, and permitting better choices of drugs for individual patients.
Since 1996, the company has won a series of high-profile jobs, including a $900 million NASA contract to develop the X-33, a craft that the Skunk Works hopes will pave the way for a reusable, single-stage spacecraft, and a contract to build two prototypes for the joint strike fighter program.
This grant signals good news for Lumidigm as they pave the way for other small businesses in New Mexico," Senator Pete Domenici, (R- NM), said.