paved road

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Anna said to herself, as soon as the carriage had started and swaying lightly, rumbled over the tiny cobbles of the paved road, and again one impression followed rapidly upon another.
The wind was chilly and the jetty was deserted, as he approached it; but he had no sooner landed than he heard a noise of horses galloping upon the paved road.
When the sun had raised his full disc above the flat line of the horizon, and was striking fire out of the long muddy vista of paved road with its weary avenue of little trees, a black speck moved along the road and splashed among the flaming pools of rain-water, which black speck was John Baptist Cavalletto running away from his patron.
The sheep and lambs are bleating in the fields away behind me, and there is a clatter of donkeys' hoofs up the paved road below.
Was it possible, in that dreadful weather, that she had actually heard the sound of carriage wheels on the strip of paved road outside the inn?
Six, seven, eight Storey high, were the houses; storey piled upon storey, as children build with cards--throwing their dark shadows over the roughly paved road, and making the dark night darker.
This subject of conversation was an additional reason for not being loud, since Satchell himself might presently be walking up the paved road to the church door.
Salt Valley Road is an unpaved, two-wheel-drive road that leaves the parks main paved road near Devils Garden, passes through Salt Valley, and exits at the north end of the park.
The agency drew widespread criticism in July 2013 when it announced plans to convert 83 miles of paved road in South and West Texas to gravel.
NABLUS, December 20, 2011 (WAFA) -- Israeli bulldozers Tuesday razed a paved road in a town south of Nablus, according to a local official.
PNNOn Tuesday, Israeli forces demolished a four kilometer-long paved road in the village of Hawara village, south of Nablus.
NABLUS, City, Muharram 25, 1433, Dec 20, 2011, SPA - Israeli bulldozers Tuesday razed a paved road in a town south of Nablus, according to a local official.