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The drayman was proved to be very drunk, and was fined, and the brewer had to pay damages to our master; but there was no one to pay damages to poor Captain.
The former CM asked PTI Chairman to apologize in public for defaming him or pay damages in court.
THE chairman of national pub chain JD Wetherspoon has pledged to "learn from these mistakes" as it emerged it will pay damages in a second case of turning away Travellers from one of its venues.
SINGERS Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke must pay damages of almost PS5million to Marvin Gaye's family.
Global Banking News-August 13, 2014--BMO asked to pay damages to defunct Quebec company
Expert Nazmi Maliki stressed that in case when the state does not pay damages, the owners should instigate a lawsuit against it.
Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance ordered the driver and his insurance firm to pay damages to the Indian man after traffic investigations found the driver responsible for causing the accident as he was driving recklessly and was not abiding by traffic laws.
said Thursday it will appeal by early March at the latest a Los Angeles court ruling that ordered it to pay damages to an American woman who said her hybrid failed to deliver the gas mileage stated in advertisements.
Ademar Gonzalez, the lawyer for parking attendant Hugo Enrique Vera, said Miguel Sacal, the man who beat his client at a luxury apartment building, has agreed to apologize and pay damages for the beating.
Todor Pendarov analyzes for Utrinski Vesnik the judgment in the Veles Court which rejected the appeal of Veles' resident the Government to pay damages that would be used for overhaul of the catastrophic pollution of the environment and the consequences that the Smelter caused in Veles.
He was fined one shilling with three shillings costs, or seven days' hard labour in default and also had to pay damages of two shillings and six pence.
The Naryn city court today sustained the claim of Tursunbek Akun and compelled Umetalieva to pay out 5,000 som to Tursunbek Akun to pay damages.