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A crowd gathered Thursday at the National "Ivan Vazov" Theater in downtown Sofia to pay last respects to great Bulgarian actor, Georgi Cherkelov.
the heroic veterans pay last respects on beach at Dunkirk yesterday
Tripathi, secretary of the Nationalist Congress Party of India, who arrived in Kathmandu on Sunday to pay last respects to Koirala.
Bishkek mayor Daniyar Usenov told the details of the ceremony to pay last respects for writer Chinghiz Aitmatov who will be buried on Saturday at Ata Beit memorial cemetery.
More than 80 people gathered to pay last respects to the newborn baby at her funeral in September last year.
A pal yesterday said the comedian had no plans to fly from New Zealand, where he now lives, to pay last respects to Cheryl, 56.
Last night one of the organisers said the pounds 145-a-head trip,planned as a final trip to pay last respects to fallen comrades, was a farce -with their courier knowing nothing about the area.
Family and the famed pay last respects to mum of Toon's boss
Those who came to pay last respects included 89 year-old wheelchair-bound Arthur Harland, from Worksop, Nottinghamshire.