pay off

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Pay off the debt with a personal loan involving an extremely competitive interest rate, such as 4.
Number of years it would take for rental income to pay off the median home value.
According to tvonenews, the online portal of Mega news channel, owned by the Archbishopric, the Church signed an agreement with the lender, parting with some of it's land to pay off the debt.
The Finance Ministry also said it would pay off Soviet debt to Finland, the Czech Republic and Montenegro before the end of the current year.
Residents have also learned that it costs an average PS309,167 for single tier and county councils to pay off chief executives.
If you're unable to pay off your balance in full this month, look at transferring your balance to a new zero per cent card.
According to the just-released Trepp June Pay Off Report, the percentage of loans paying off on their balloon date jumped in June.
PRINCETON - Selectmen want to meet with Princeton Municipal Light Department officials to find out why they decided to borrow money to pay off a loan for ice storm cleanup instead of using reserves.
pay off 1 : to give all of what is owed <It felt good to pay off a debt.
YOUR Chronicle is giving you the chance to win cash to pay off that credit card,
QA I'm a young, single, recent college graduate and am saving up for a down payment for a house, I'm contemplating if I should instead use my savings to pay off my credit card debt.