pay off

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And then, Fanny, the glory of fixing one who has been shot at by so many; of having it in one's power to pay off the debts of one's sex
By the way," I interrupted, "you say you want to pay off a debt.
His blood might pay off a mortgage or send a son to college.
There around us lay treasures enough to pay off a moderate national debt, or to build a fleet of ironclads, and yet we would have bartered them all gladly for the faintest chance of escape.
Yet the king hath given me a living here in the southlands, and please God these two lads of mine will pay off a debt that hath been owing over long.
He added that it arose simply from a rivalry between iron plates and shot, and, finally, that the scene at the meeting was only the long-wished-for opportunity for Nicholl to pay off an old grudge.
go to law with him is not likely to pay off his mortgages, especially if he enjoys the good opinion of acquaintances who want to borrow a hundred pounds on security too lofty to be represented by parchment.
It is only a little business with my lawyer,' said he; and he told me something about a piece of property he wanted to sell, in order to pay off a part of the incumbrances on his estate; but either the account was a little confused, or I was rather dull of comprehension, for I could not clearly understand how that should keep him in town a fortnight after me.
Besides,' said Betty, with logical good faith, 'I shall have a debt to pay off, by littles, and naturally that would bring me back, if nothing else would.
All I had to do then was to do as much for Stangerson, and so pay off John Ferrier's debt.
Isaacs has advanced us fifty pounds to pay off our debts and to get a proper outfit for James.
Because she had the money there with which to pay off the brokers.