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Underlying dividends rose swiftly among FTSE 250 companies, with pay-outs increasing by 25% after one-off factors were stripped out.
The FCA has previously written to the chief executives of Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Barclays and Lloyds urging them to increase the pace of pay-outs.
6bn - spelling more bad news for pensions funds as well as private investors that rely on dividend pay-outs.
For 15-year policies, Wesleyan's pounds 13,938 pay-out, down from pounds 14,288 last time, give it sixth place.
HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) is under fresh fire for bonus pay-outs.
Tens of thousands of home buyers intending to pay off their mortgages with 25-year with-profit endowment policies face falling pay-outs in the coming years, even if the stock market performs brilliantly.
But poor investment decisions and over-inflated pay-outs in the past mean that today many simply don't stack up enough to clear the debt.
Numis analyst James Hamilton flagged up the potential for further one-off dividend pay-outs, and said there was "scope for recovery" in money revenues although he expects this to "be years, not months away".
The pay-outs - sweeteners for surrendering their rights to surplus cash in the firm's with-profits funds - end a four-year saga.
Wesleyan has tempered top-ohe-market pay-outs from its endowment policies maturing this year with a warning.
Hundreds of former shipyard workers stricken by an asbestos-related illness face a new fight in their campaign to win pay-outs.
Wakefield Council has also made a reduction in compensation pay-out reducing it by pounds 271,04 between 2008-11.