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They will have little sympathy from a public which is paying dearly for their actions.
Some people out there will argue that you get what you pay for, but in my opinion, most of us end up paying dearly for what we get, which is poor service and a whole lot of unnecessary inconvenience and stress.
Drivers have been paying dearly since the cost of crude oil soared to a record $58 a barrel.
Taking your chances is the only way to avoid paying dearly for errors.
Whilst scientists are arguing farmers are paying dearly for a debacle which is doing the relationship between member states no good at all.
Too often, people wait until they find damage before they call in the pros, and they end up paying dearly for it," explains Kraeutler.
And what can beat sitting outdoors in the Malibu air watching a bunch of miserable human beings ticking off the gods and paying dearly for it?