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Students engineer every aspect of the launch program from payload design and construction to vehicle launch, recovery and post-flight data analysis.
A new development center will advance satellite sensing and communication technologies, broadly known as Radio Frequency (RF) payloads, at the Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) facility in Denver.
Despite industry and government efforts, only 11 payloads are currently under contract and expected to be launched before 2015.
The company's team of experts and vast experience in sensor integration, vibration isolation, disturbance rejection, and dedicated video processing has made HoodTech the preferred supplier of highly mass-efficient, low SWaP, small UAV ISR imaging payloads.
eRelease MSP clients may initiate the installation of eRelease Payload by requesting IP 1958 through their DOCX Business Integration Manager or their FIS MSP Representative.
For more information on Lockheed Martin's payload experience and vision, visit our website: http://www.
Contract Awarded to Provide a rapid and flexible means for the government to acquire commercial hosting capabilities for government payloads
The Visiongain author of the UAV Payload and Subsystems report commented that "The next decade will see the continued use of UAVs for a variety of complex and dangerous military operations.
Astroliner would climb to about 400,000 feet - higher than the X-15 rocket planes flew in the 1960s - then release its own payload of 3,500-pound satellites.