payment of damages

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Legal services complete representation of the city of ilina as a defendant in a lawsuit legal matter of the payment of damages caused by provisional, including participation and representation of a client at the hearing, submission of proposals, statements and opinions in the matter and the presentation and drafting of documents and other evidence in the proceedings, security all the related operations, providing legal advice (as per customer requirements and in writing).
I limited "They told me life after spinal cord injury is incredibly claim cap friends' tough and in their experience it is especially so for those who do not receive a payment of damages for their injury.
ABLOGGER who lost a High Court libel case against a council's chief executive says she has been given until next Friday to arrange payment of damages and costs of more than PS250,000 - or face losing her home.
The government approved USD 900 million for the payment of damages relating to this major project, director of KISR research department Samir Al-Zanki said.
It envisages fair and timely payment of damages for every crop separately in keeping with the average yield of every municipality.
Camtek views the Court's decision as significantly reducing Camtek's exposure to payment of damages.
The residents have demanded of IESCO to install new transformer immediately otherwise they will sue the authority for payment of damages being caused by the voltage problem due to lack of transformer.
The legal notice to Khawaja Asif demands an unconditional apology and payment of damages for the defamation caused in Pakistan and around the world by these scurrilous allegations.
As a condition of the injunction, Apple was ordered to post a bond of more than $95 million, to secure payment of damages sustained by Samsung should the injunction be deemed a wrongful decision later.
The president of the association of ethnic Albanian political prisoners called for rehabilitation and payment of damages to these people five years ago.
In negligence cases, courts first determine whether the defendant has fulfilled her duty of care; if she has not, and harm has occurred, then the defendant must make a payment of damages to the plaintiff.
The company's earnings announcement for the first quarter came later than those from other regional electric utilities, since TEPCO was waiting for the government to put together a legal scheme for the payment of damages to those affected by the accident.