peace of mind

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Like "best practices," peace of mind has in the past been hard to quantify.
You should always make sure Y the travel company you book with is ATOL protected and David Moesli, the Civil Aviation Association's deputy director of consumer protection, says: "In the last three years the number of ATOL protected bookings has increased year-on-year - meaning more holidaymakers are now financially protected and our Pack Peace of Mind campaign has played an important role in this.
By offering AAA assistance package, we want to ensure that all our clients who admire Geely can have extra peace of mind and stay at ease on the road with the confidence that in case of any emergency, a friend is there just a telephone call away.
We encourage all our customers to avail of Al Islami Takaful Riayati, so that they can benefit from the peace of mind .
Even our body needs peace of mind and is not suited to agitation.
The machine has made a big difference to me and it gives you peace of mind because you know someone is keeping a check on you," said Mr Brown, of Newbiggin.
For your peace of mind and the stability of your network the answer must be no
Zarqawi said: "We promise God that the dog Bush will not enjoy peace of mind as long as our hearts are beating.
Thus, goes the reasoning, we will bring an end to child abuse and neglect and everyone will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are truly "wanted.
The main selling point of the CPO program is peace of mind with warranties that include free maintenance, possible exchange policy, lower interest, mechanical inspections before certifying, lower mileage, and product quality that is as good as a new vehicle," says Todd Wilson, former director of Automotive Sales and Internet Research for J.
Stress can interfere with our ability to experience peace of mind.
ONE of the most important reasons for buying a new car, rather than a used one, is that it offers more peace of mind.