peace officer

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Hall, who was already on probation for battery on a peace officer after an arrest in May by Santa Clarita deputies, was being held without bail.
Senator Heidi Heitkamp today spoke at the 2017 North Dakota Peace Officers Association Conference in Bismarck about their selfless dedication of law enforcement officers to protect communities across North Dakota.
On the other hand, acting as a peace officer may include being a counselor, a pastor, a social worker, a medic or a tire-changer, along with being a "law enforcement officer" when necessary.
To start, applicants submit their military police training records, certificates, a criminal background check, fingerprints, and other paperwork for the peace officer license application.
To implement these changes, the Alberta Peace Officer Act was enacted in 2007, establishing a revised vision for the delivery of police service (S.
Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, would require peace officers working for school districts to receive special training in how to properly restrain children, particularly physically and mentally disabled children.
The Contra Costa County Peace Officers Monument is located in Martinez, California.
This policy fails to take into consideration that when on duty, all Auxiliary and Reserve Constables are considered sworn peace officers.
Once again these three were charged with "obstructing a peace officer.
As an active peace officer I had some immunity offered to peace officers who were acting within the scope of their duties.
If a peace officer feels it's necessary to question the legal status of an individual during a lawful stop, he [or] she should be able to do so and refer to the appropriate federal authorities," says Perry spokeswoman Catherine Frazier.
He was arrested on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle, driving under the influence and felonious evasion of a peace officer, Lt.