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Trainers can become "Pat Miller Certified Trainers" (PMCT) by successfully completing Pat's Level 1 (Basic Dog Training and Behavior), Level 2 (Behavior Modification), and any third Peaceable Paws Academy Course.
Peaceable Street Capital (PSC), based in Philadelphia, PA and with offices in New York City and Toronto, is a specialty finance platform focused on small and mid-sized income producing real estate in the United States and Canada.
Nonetheless, concrete yet peaceable actions are otherwise way better.
White recognized under New York's common law and found in most, if not all, commercial leases, the peaceable "self-help" eviction remedy allowing landlords to re-enter the premises upon either (i) a default in payment of rent or (ii) abandonment of the premises is seldom utilized.
He discusses the vocation of Anglicanism in its theological, ecclesial, missional, convenantal, and peaceable dimensions.
The aim of jihad, the spread of Islam, is held by many peaceable Muslims so that cannot explain indiscriminate murder of 10 or 50 Muslims to every single non-Muslim.
The esteemed British explorer Sir Harry H Johnston, winner of the 1904 RGS Founder's Gold Medal, visited Haiti in the early years of the 20th century as part of a tour which led to his book The Negro in the New World, in which he reported on a nation of 'hard-working, peaceable country people'.
I'm not an expert on Syria, nor do I claim to be, but as I ponder what a peaceable solution could look like, one reality is clear: Bashar al Assad cannot stay in power.
Among the many lost plays known only from the office-book of Sir Henry Herbert, master of the revels, is the curiously-titled The Peaceable King, or the Lord Mendall.
But it was right to ban the Church of England's prayer advert from cinemas, despite all its peaceable intentions, because it just doesn't have any place there.
The struggle for a peaceable economy must be ceaseless, repeated again and again, to counterbalance the inertia of cumulative causation.
Sometimes, however, a release lands on the Eye's desk that is so transparently related to no actual event, trend or occurrence taking place within engineering or manufacturing that the normally peaceable Eye is tempted to hurl its mini-Mac out of the window and into the sludgy water of Chelsea Harbour.