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A curious feeling of peacefulness came over me and I thought that I must be under the influence of some cordial.
He was puzzled for a time by the immense peacefulness in the quality of the world, and then he perceived that the roar of the cataract was no longer in his ears.
On the contrary, it seemed, that mainly at Steelkilt's instigation, they had resolved to maintain the strictest peacefulness, obey all orders to the last, and, when the ship reached port, desert her in a body.
The idea of being again surrounded by those honest faces, shining welcome on me; of renewing the peacefulness of the sweet Sunday morning, when the bells were ringing, the stones dropping in the water, and the shadowy ships breaking through the mist; of roaming up and down with little Em'ly, telling her my troubles, and finding charms against them in the shells and pebbles on the beach; made a calm in my heart.
She said that after enjoying the delicious and nutritious hotpot, visitors are recommended to take a walk along the bay and around the community to appreciate the painting on the sea wall jointly created by French cartoonist Benjamin Frand and Taiwanese illustrator Ho Hsueh-yi as well as the relics of the old stone houses or simply enjoy the peacefulness of the quiet fishing village.
A new program "Propagation of national-religious tolerance, peacefulness and humanistic values among the youth" will be launched in Azerbaijan.
Kids play freely in the surrounding areas near the houses, reflecting a sign of peacefulness in the country, it is such a serene place to spend the day in.
Such a total sense of peacefulness, to end this summer's day.
The tenth edition of the GPI highlights a stark and growing inequality in global levels of peacefulness as the gap between the most and least peaceful countries continues to widen.
The wildlife around here is fantastic and it's a great place to sit and enjoy the peacefulness.
God chose retribution for people, while you [other Islamists] chose peacefulness," he says.
The Campaign also underlined the peacefulness of its moves.