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But we have also had tremendous interest locally and there is a clear pride that the event is happening here in Coventry, especially in the year that we celebrate 75 years of peacemaking in the city.
He also underlined Moscow's role in pushing peacemaking efforts between the Palestinians and Israelis forward to find a peaceful solution to this conflict.
In Rynne's view, Jesus Christ was a model of active peacemaking.
The potentially awkward joining of discussions of theological anthropology and salvation alongside examinations of the ethics of restorative justice and peacemaking practices is effective in this volume due to the strong case that it makes for the significant contribution that Christian theology has made in the development of the theories and practices of peacemaking and restorative justice in recent situations of ethnic and political violence.
His decade of involvement in the Malaysian church and its social constraints helped him to see the need for a fresh conceptualization of mission, be aware of the importance of presenting peacemaking in terms an evangelical constituency might accept, and understand the impossibility of saying anything helpful without a thorough knowledge of the complex interplay of religion, ethnicity, and politics that Malaysia presents.
Keazirian examines peace and peacemaking in the ancient Greek and Roman literature from the age of Homer to the middle first century CE, including and emphasizing the Pauline epistles.
It would be a step in that direction if we had demonstrations at the residence of every archbishop demanding that the complicit silence about war and any kind of violence be shattered and that peacemaking be preached from every pulpit.
Later activists and researchers who explored ideas and developed strategies associated with peacemaking through nonviolent action include Leo Tolstoy in Russia, Mahatma Gandhi in India, and Martin Luther King Jr.
Palestinian-Israeli peacemaking has been for all practical reasons on hold since 2000, and bilateral peace contacts have been dormant since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to power in 2009 except for a failed five-round "exploratory" talks hosted by Jordan last January.
The peacemaking debt of Kyrgyzstan is $123,000, Kydyrov said.
Alex Joyner, spokesperson for United Methodists for Constructive Peacemaking in Israel and Palestine (UMCPIP), said his group "had been actively opposing divestment and encouraging the more productive approach of negotiations and positive investments.
Burkholder's Prophetic Peacemaking should be added to it.