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Cillian Murphy portrays gang leader Tommy Shelby in the BBC's Peaky Blinders
Geraint Hughes, the recently appointed manager of the Albion said: "The staff were told in early January that Peaky Blinders are interested in coming here to film.
We know that this will help to make the event a night to remember, so grab your pocket watch and flat cap - by order of the Peaky Blinders
But I thought the last series of Peaky was so stunning, you can't wait for the next one.
Peaky Blinders bar is owned by the same team behind the Southport bar, on Lord Street, which is also inspired by the series.
8232;But while it deals in a specifically British theme, Peaky Blinders does so with an amalgam of disparate influences and elements - American westerns, a lithe Irish actor playing a tough crime boss, an art punk soundtrack - that add up to an arresting whole.
The Peaky Blinders bar has opened in Liverpool, which has been doubling for Birmingham.
Now fans can get their hands on a bottle of Peaky Blinder gin or whiskey inspired by the gritty BBC gangster series.
After the first series in 2014, which stars actor Cillian Murphy as gangster Thomas Shelby, the brewery launched a Peaky Blinder beer.
Sadler's Ales, of Stourbridge, owns two pubs in the town where historians suspect an early Peaky Blinders gang used to meet in Victorian times.
Previously, Peaky Blinders writer andexecutive producer Steven Knight told the ECHO: "We picked the city for a filming location because there are some great places that are of the period, whereas in a lot of cities, those locations are gone - destroyed in the war.