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The terms peasant and peasantry had currency in common parlance and were often used by those who published traditional songs from the second quarter of the nineteenth well into the twentieth century.
Formed as a result of misunderstanding of the mass industrialization process, a process that generated important mutations in agricultural activities of the peasantry, but together with this, also an inner tension in its traditional culture, where agriculture played millenary role as basic economic activities, bias in question is firstly based on the economic abstract impression of the association reaching the identification of villages with agriculture as opposed to city with industry (Raubaud, 1971: 511).
They provide a superb picture of country life ranging from that of the peasantry to the business of the gentry in mid 18th century Anglesey.
For me I grew up on a small peasantry farm of my parents but now I have a much bigger farm of my own using my knowledge to contribute to food security.
This 'new' grand narrative--tracing the genesis of representative democracy, for example, in England--now inevitably involves the post-Roman relationship between the minor aristocracy and peasantry (see Oosthuizen 2013), and has two benchmarks before the later ninth century.
In the MMA government, former chief minister Muhammad Akram Durrani established several parks and a wildlife peasantry in his native Bannu district but Lakki Marwat district was totally ignored in this regard,\" they revealed.
The initiative is part of a reform, that the government has approved to promote better management and development of the land sector to contribute to efforts to transform the country from peasantry to an industrialized one with a vibrant services sector.
PESHAWAR -- The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has chalked out an elaborate plan to remodel and rehabilitate Dhodial peasantry in Mansehra district to protect and conserve about 32 different types of beautiful pheasants there.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari warned Punjab government to stop its anti-farmers policy and remove the grievances of farming community before the growers and peasantry is up in protest all over the province.
the Haitian peasantry was forced to seek wage labor options when the big American corporations started taking over the sugar economy of the Greater Antilles.
Badal said on the one hand the Centre was bent upon crushing the peasantry of the state, whereas on the other hand the SAD- BJP government in Punjab had given a major relief to them by giving free power worth ` 6,000 crore to the farmers.
This article concludes that localized development intermediaries represent new and important intellectual strata through which the peasantry engages global governance institutions.