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Like all the atlases published by Autrement, it is very pedagogic.
In the EPPS, the didactic and pedagogic aspects prevail over the ergonomic aspects (21) (which relates to the use of technology--or to the digital pedagogic games, in this case--in a safe, comfortable and productive form), once the knowledge concerning those last mentioned aspects exceeds linguistic field and consequently restrains its use.
In sum, this project provided evidence of how multiliteracies pedagogies contributed to all three of Bernstein's (2000) pedagogic rights--the right of individual enhancement, the right of social inclusion, and the right of political participation--in positively productive ways.
Your membership continues to become increasingly valuable as, in this era of unprecedented access to information and opinion, we lead the way with excellence in pedagogic training and continuing education
Thus, dissatisfied with synthetic approaches, Long and Crookes, in a series of articles in the 1980s which resulted in their seminal paper, "Three approaches to task-based syllabus design" in 1992, laid the foundation for their task syllabus which views pedagogic tasks as the point of departure in the design process and as an appropriate tool in facilitating the teaching process.
The inclusion of such material gives the reader excellent support for the various arguments regarding pedagogic styles in medieval and Renaissance education.
The model represents a continuous, repetitive and cyclic process that begins by identifying pedagogic needs to prepare for a course using an SRS.
This paper identifies shared themes around inclusion and transition to school in recent literature, reports on pedagogic practice in three Australian schools and addresses the implications for both ECEC and the early years of school.
Obviously produced with a pedagogic purpose, this information title tackles a topic which some adults still find difficult to discuss with children.
He said this project complemented the educational and pedagogic policy upon which the plan on education development in Lebanon was set.
Formative assessment is a pedagogic practice that has been the subject of much research and debate, as to how it can be used most effectively to deliver enhanced student learning in the higher education setting.