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The document is aimed at developing mutually beneficial cooperation between two neighboring countries in preparation and certification of scientific and pedagogical personnel, the Higher Attestation Commission noted.
Proponents of pedagogical agents have argued that agents can enhance the social aspects of the multimedia learning environment, thus causing the learner to be more cognitively engaged with the learning materials (Atkinson, Mayer, & Merrill, 2005; Mayer & DaPra, 2012; Mayer, Sobko, & Mautone, 2003).
Results: It was found that there was a positively meaningful relationship between the total scores of the teacher candidates taking pedagogical formation received from RSES and the age variable.
Pedagogical content knowledge was the category most frequently drawn upon.
The TPACK model therefore represents the knowledge needed by teachers bringing together content knowledge, technological knowledge and pedagogical knowledge with the aim of integrating ICTs into teaching-learning processes (Graham, 2011).
Professionalization of desirable brings to the fore the issue of pedagogical skills, and training to reach skills must accept a pedagogy of competences.
The structure of the paper is as follows: the general information on ITSs and their components is given; the role of emotions and EITSs are described; the design of the pedagogical module is presented and discussed.
This process provided challenges, issues and concerns in teacher education, such as technological pedagogical content knowledge, philosophical and psychological knowledge of education.
It follows that my interest in this study was how English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers learn to teach and where their pedagogical knowledge comes from.
1) In this study, the participation of students in the development of the pedagogical project in a Nursing program is understood as a process in which students are capable of moving from the passive position that has been present in their graduation for a long time, to an active and inquisitive position about their education, taking part in it, an opportunity which is offered through the experiences in theoretical and theoretical-practical lectures, on-the-job training required by the curriculum, additional activities, monitoring, research initiation, among others.
The medal was awarded on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Armenian State Pedagogical University "For the
I propose the TPACK (technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge) model as a framework to guide librarians and teachers in this new work and describe implications for schools and libraries based on the TPACK framework as a model for collaborative inquiry.