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Recent trends in European countries indicate pedagogic preparation and attainment of postgraduate certificates in teaching and learning are recommended --and in some instances required--to teach in higher education (Hubball & Burt, 2006; Salminen et al.
Research interests: military pedagogics, military training in Lithuanian Armed Forces, civic education.
Thus, postprocess pedagogics sought to help students to recognize the social, cultural, and institutional situatedness of their writing.
Soft pedagogics have taken the place of the old steep and rocky path of learning" (p.
Many of the contributors are more interested in writing about pedagogics than the happening of theatre and one is sometimes left with the sense that company directors are the last people one wants to hear talking about theatre.
Statistik fur Soziologen, Padagogen, Psychologen und Mediziner [statistics for sociologists, pedagogics, psychologists and physicians].
Thus his sermon for All Saints' 1140 became, around Epiphany 1141, a vehement criticism of the new pedagogics.
Besides having a better understanding of institutional context and stronger awareness of the possibility of meshing our pedagogics, I would want to better integrate the tutors and students so that there would be more comfort for dialog and mutual understanding.
But should we limit the pedagogics of forgiveness to Sunday school lessons?
In the Department of Technology Education of University of Piraeus, in the frames of teaching courses of Pedagogics and Didactics to students with technological background there is an effort from a team of students towards the design, application and evaluation of educational software addressed to students with diagnosed dyslexia.