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120) Rights provisions must not be read pedantically or narrowly, or in such a way as to make them easy for the parliamentary drafter to subvert.
Mr P's objections to Selena--She adheres to pedantically to her principles--[L.
If one were to extrapolate Brook's statement rather concretely and pedantically, it seems that the notion of a human body--i.
Carefully, pedantically, in 1956, he explained the magical mechanics of the word 'like', how the word 'penthouse' combined an architectural feature (jutting-out Elizabethan window-roof) with an item of human apparel (a hat jutting out over the eyes), but cunningly did so while transforming the eyes under the hat into shop-windows--which, however weren't quite, or just, shop windows.
Managers, players and fans hope heed is taken to widespread opposition to the rule that sees treated players have to go off before being pedantically waved back on when the game resumes.
I could, perhaps pedantically, add to de Grazia's store of wordplay connecting Hamlet to the land his line on "the skull of a lawyer": "where be his quiddits now, his quillets .
To do the job as I was told to do it (told, that is, repeatedly, pedantically, and with rich, top-down allusions to my season-end bonus) was to reconcile myself to the fact that my body was no longer mine.
89]), gripes about television personalities "nibbling away at the English language" (115), points out the redundancy of the pre prefix in eleven words, deconstructs a number of cliches, tells us which people he avoids because of their speech habits, laments the absence of certain rhymes in songs ("Tonto/Toronto" [248]), sets aside a chapter on the correct definitions of certain words and phrases, and pedantically pulls out Webster's Third New International Dictionary to provide the proper meanings of explicit and graphic.
To pedantically supply this information would reduce the "mysterious and living dialogue" to the didactic monologue of a science exhibit.
While JLR announced desperate losses, the Government continues to pedantically haggle on the fine print of a European loan that should have been delivered months ago.
That, to be pedantically clear, the rich among us have far greater responsibilities, and far greater capacities, than the poor, and that this is true regardless of where they live.
For the more pedantically inclined, mind, the celebrations will have to be put on ice until the full decade is passed on April 11.