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When it comes to food, I do have a pedantry about me.
it for English-speakers is a well-organized, coherent text that proceeds in a logical manner and avoids pedantry.
The world's media picked up on the story, mocking UBS both for taking micromanagement to an all-time low, and epitomising Switzerland's stereotypical pedantry.
This is precision but not pedantry, subtlety but not effeminacy, real solemnity and joy and not their empty substitutes.
And two more skits are tailormade for Mitchell's pedantry.
Pedantry and mastery are opposite attitudes toward rules.
To the uninitiated, this might seem like academic pedantry, but these definitions are of vital importance in the case of the First World War, interest in which is increasing even as it slips from living memory.
However, the pedantry is relieved by Fleming's creative symbols and metaphors that reduce unmanageably large concepts to something like Chinese characters.
As global imbalances increasingly assume center stage in the debate over the Financial Crisis of 2007-10, Keynes' protracted attention to what he termed the "secular international problem" is a topic about which pedantry is again well worth the while.
But for others who love beauty and would like better to understand what it is they love and why, this book offers on every page and understanding without pedantry, clarity without dogma, insight without mystique.
com, which has become an entertaining maelstrom of literary competitiveness, grammatical pedantry and gleeful malevolence.
For all that, this is not, however, history freighted with political pedantry.