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Amid all the lies, vitriol and violence peddled by government officials like Mocha Uson, people will rally around the truth,' he said.
It is certainly better than the outright misinformation peddled by the televangelists at the National Council.
Those movies, along with ``The Chronicles of Narnia,'' ``Big Momma's House 2,'' ``Last Holiday,'' ``Underworld: Evolution'' and ``When A Stranger Calls'' were included in the piles of counterfeit DVDs being peddled on Metro Rail's Blue and Red lines.
Downtown banks and other businesses peddled fear, convincing African Americans to abandon their neighborhood institutions and move on up.
For example, pint-sized philanthropists at Quogue Elementary School in New York peddled handmade crafts and raffle tickets to raise more than $5,000 for UNICEE --Lisa Fratt
The same rubbish peddled by Labour,Lib Dems,Plaid Cymru and the Kenneth Clarks of this world.
Ads peddled ache pills, trusses and fat-concealing girdles, and emergency road flares.
But honestly it's way more than just a marketing scheme peddled by the manufacturers, right?