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Ads peddled ache pills, trusses and fat-concealing girdles, and emergency road flares.
But honestly it's way more than just a marketing scheme peddled by the manufacturers, right?
If Allgor had actually done a comparative study of how men and women peddled, distribut ed, and called in favors, her argument would be more persuasive.
He copied the designs of some of the better styles and built a few prototypes that he peddled at a festival at Barrie's Molson Park.
Morrows and Richard Brancato repped Rockrose while Darcy Stacom, executive director of Cushman & Wakefield, peddled for the seller, Nissei, a joint venture of Equitable and Nippon Life.
Its quality varies widely, from "select clothing" sold in stores to piles of garments peddled by vendors in outdoor markets.
Jack in the Box memorabilia have become hot collectibles, with dozens of items peddled each day on eBay and other online auction sites.
Eschewing the traditional focus of economic history on one town or region, Fontaine reconstructs the economic activities of her merchant pedlars from account books and bankruptcy records and follows wherever they lead, even across national boundaries (Frenchmen peddled in Spain; Scots in England, Scandinavia, and Poland).
If you're not bothered by some of the sex paraphernalia peddled here, Faboo is a hot spot for some irreverent fun.
French Gazelles were billed as "the helicopter of the Gulf War," British Tornado fighters became "Gulf killers," and Grumman peddled its Joint STARS system as "the eyes of the Storm.