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Make an offer if you like your mug or chair at Props Coffee Shop on pedestrianized Blagardsgadeake - everything in the cafe is for sale.
In fact, much of central Vienna inside the Ring Boulevard is pedestrianized.
This gradual "incursion" of motorized traffic degrades the safe, pedestrianized environment of the kibbutz.
He asked them for thirty days and at the end of thirty days, the shop-keepers on the next block asked for it to be pedestrianized," recalls Curibita's International Relations Coordinator Jonas Rabinovitch.
The 201-room Tryp Reina Victoria Hotel, which is held by Sol Melia under a long-term lease, is in the heart of Madrid's old city in the western end of the pedestrianized Plaza de Santa Ana.
The developed from the urbanistic order building volume stands on the pedestrianized square and together with the town hall a public place between the village center and the train station.
Navia is the ideal solution for heavily-populated areas that need a simple, safe and environmentally-friendly public mobility solution: pedestrianized city centers, large industrial sites, airports, theme parks, shopping complexes, universities and city streets.
With pedestrianized streets, people cycling everywhere, and art littering the sidewalks, all part of the Ashrafieh 2020 initiative, the area seemed positively bohemian.
The Bull Ring, the city's big central square, was pedestrianized (apparently by civil engineers) at a time when pedestrianization was going through a very bad patch and it is surrounded by some of the dullest post-war buildings in the country.
From there grab a taxi and head to the pedestrianized part of Via Brera where you can indulge in a Milanese institution: the aperitivo.
To this end the community possesses many advantages: pedestrianized streets, magnificent monuments and a picturesque harbour with boat excursions to the environs, including the green island of Lokrum where Richard the Lion Heart is said to have found shelter.
Scores of tents are pitched on the pedestrianized square in front of the cathedral and near a footpath alongside the building.