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No-one would now think it acceptable to have buses running up Northumberland Street and if previous council administrations hadn't pedestrianized the street in the 1980s and 1990s, it would no longer be one of the country's top retail destinations - rumoured to be some of the most expensive retail units outside London and attracting 13m visitors a year.
Research Pavilion connecting 5757 South University Avenue to the Woodlawn houses, and a site and landscape design that features a pedestrianized street and alley in a creative new campus setting (figure 6).
In a pedestrianized Gemmayze for instance you need to think about the valets, which are a mafia, to develop a compromise solution.
Shanghai is about people-the city's population is estimated at 25 million, and most of them seemed to be at the pedestrianized section of Nanjing Road.
With its wood-decked rooftop terrace overlooking the city, the hotel's location speaks for itself: It's on the pedestrianized Istiklal Caddesi in the Beyoglu district, a historic thoroughfare where all ages and backgrounds meet.
Participants (N = 60 males and 60 females) aged between 20 and 60 years were chosen at random on the pedestrianized streets of a medium-sized tourist town in the south of France in a predefined area.
Another feature is the use of pedestrianized areas and paths, which lead residents past each other's homes.
Only a few cities formed dense pedestrianized European-style centres, usually because they were founded on peninsulas or islands: Boston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle.
A hideous but handy Victorian clock tower marks the city's center, from which wide, pedestrianized streets hosting the usual brands radiate in all directions.
A bypass road through Cabarete would be built, and the current road would be pedestrianized.
The pedestrianized mall in Menderes Ckmaz street in the Istanbul suburb of Gungoren is a less plush imitation of similar malls in the far more prosperous areas of Turkey's commercial capital.
The pedestrianized Mother Teresa avenue was awash with blood-red Albanian flags - pending parliament's approval later in the day of a new Kosovo flag, depicting a map of the newborn state on a dark star-studded field.