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Using this method will allow you to peel off the vinyl in a big piece rather than small pieces.
The result is a thin strip much like a bumper sticker: the user can peel off the handler and apply the solar cell directly to a surface.
It takes some effort to peel off, but doesn't harm what's underneath at all, and can be re-used indefinitely.
Peel Off Deep Pore Cleansing Masque for Men (10g, 99p)
Then all you have to do when your windshield's been hit by sand is peel off a layer
The researchers saw skinny, pink youngsters poke their lower jaws against their mother's' backs and peel off the dark outer layer of her skin, leaving her bluish white.
Building shape can affect wind loads from vortex shedding: wind whirlpools form at building corners and then peel off, imparting crosswind forces.
Once the notes and keys have been memorized, simply peel off the static-cling labels.
Peel off paper from the other side of the interfacing tape, and fold the rest of the ribbon directly over the ironed piece.
Cool on rack 5 minutes, then unmold, peel off parchment, and cool completely.